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This wiki is about sharing project experiences and using simple terms to explain common challenges. The main focus is on software projects, however, many of the examples will apply to any type of project.

Everyone is welcome to read and contribute. Please adhere to the following Project Patterns Code of Conduct.

Project Patterns
Expression Meaning Illustration
Clean up the living room before moving the couch The code may be in a bad state even it not visible from the outside. It may need cleaning up before changes are made.
Messy House
Get to know each other Invest time to get to know the people your work with. Your stakeholders as well as your fellow team members. Grabbing coffee, lunch or a beer together is well worth the investment. This establishes trust. And once you feel comfortable in a team it’s easier to discuss questions/topics openly.
Get To Know Eachother
Mock it till you make it The goal is to provide an early visual prototype of a system to get user feedback. This can prevent a lot of useless features from being fully implemented and delivered to the end customers.
Counting coins Some coding work requires high concentration & there is no point in asking the person counting every few minutes how much they have counted so far. Deep work is a useful strategy to allow employees to focus and get in the flow for longer periods every day.
Example Example Example
Example Example Example 2
Example Example Example 3

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